Shopping for a gymnastic bar is an easy task. You can select equipment that a beginner and a skilled gymnast can use for practice.

How much is a gymnastic bar going to cost depends on whether the accessories are sold separately or in combos? Some of the bars are sold with standard mats or landing mats; a balance beam; Parallel bars and extension bars for stabilizing the rails when the height is increased.

Buying a combo can be a huge money saver!

The standard gym mats cost between twenty-eight to more than two hundred dollars. The mats are 1 3/8 to 2 inches thick. The mats for the smaller kids are four inches thick and will protect the child from injuries when the execution of a movement goes awry.


How Much is a Gymnastics Bar and How to Save Money?

#1 Pink Adjustable 3-5ft. Horizontal Kip Bar and Mat Combo

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Pink Adjustable Horizontal Kip Bar and 8ft Gymnastics Mat Combo by Nimble Sports is a 1 1/2 inch maple bar will support 100 pounds. The base is four feet wide and a six-foot folding mat for your child’s safety.

Your little gymnast can practice how to perform the basic cast, cast back hip circles, cast into a horizontal front and back on the flexible bar.

This great combo retails for $419.00.


#2 Olympia Sports GY862M

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Olympia Sports GY862M 45 inches is a Free Standing Horizontal Bar of Galvanized Steel that can be purchased from Amazon and the bar is shipped from JDVCommerce.

The galvanized white coated or uncoated bars are made to take a vigorous workout. The bar is 1 1/4″ and long hand kips, drop kips can be easily performed.

The height adjusts from thirty to forty-five inches with thirty-six-inch rails and a four-foot wide base. The cost of this bar is around $305.


#3 Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar

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As your child grows taller a Jr. Kip Bar can be extended from thirty-eight inches to fifty-six inches in height.

The 1-1/2 inch Beechwood bar is durable and can handle to handle seventy-five pounds without extensions and 125 pounds with extensions.

There are two cross supports for stabilization of the equipment. You can practice kips, back hip circles, straddle sole circles  easily on the Jr. Kip Bar.

This gymnastics bar retails for as low as $325.


#4 Norbert’s Athletic Products Gymnastics Mini Bar

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The Gymnastic Mini Bar is to put together and easily dismantled for traveling and storage. This little gem is great for level one through three and can handle the weight up to 100 pounds.

The height can be adjusted from thirty-eight to fifty-eight inches using a standard four-foot by eight feet long. The maple bar is the standard 1 1/2 inches round.

Mini Bar costs around $369.


#5 Joom Beem Adjustable 3′- 5′ Horizontal Bars

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The Joom Beem Adjustable 3′- 5′ Horizontal Bars is an adjustable apparatus. To accommodate the height of your child it adjusts from thirty-six to sixty inches.

The equipment is made with stainless steel bolts that will lock the rails in place. This is a piece of equipment from Amazon that is perfect for practicing the basic bar skills.

How Much is a Gymnastic Bar That Will Last a Lifetime? Right now it’s on offer and is available for $319!


#6 Horizontal Bar 5′ High Blue and White

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The Horizontal Bar 5′ High Blue and White are made of a steel coated tubing that allows for flexibility.

Your child can practice full turns or giants, pirouettes, and handstands or a bar routine of sixteen different skills.

The five-foot high rail and the 1 1/2 inch bar can handle the workout of a 100-pound gymnast. This six foot long equipment does not include a mat.

This money-saving gymnastics bar retails for $240 + shipping.


#7 Z-Athletic Gymnastics Expandable Junior Training Bar

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There are a few Expandable Training bars that can be appreciated by the most experienced or senior gymnast.

Rails can support just less than 1000 pounds of weight and the bar can support a 130-pound gymnast. You can perform levels one through four and the level five kips.

The optional extension bars will allow level six kips. The mat is not included. The snap locks easily adjust the height from thirty-six to fifty-nine inches.

Gymnast can execute the maneuvers of the straddle sole circles, handstands, and full swings that leads to a twisting dismount. Retails price is around $372.


#8 Nimble Sports 3Play Horizontal Bars with 8ft Blue Mat Combo

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This is a money saving combo with three ways to adjust the bars and comes with mats. This set-up answers the question how much is a gymnastics bar!

This equipment can be adjusted from the single bar, to the Parallel bars and the Uneven bars quickly. Each bar can be adjusted from thirty-six to sixty inches high and extend the width from eighteen to thirty inches.

The seasoned gymnast will get a lot of use from this combo. Your child can practice their kip to the high bar, pullovers to the high bar, and the pirouettes along with the handstands easily.

The heavy-duty steel rails support a weight limit of 125 pounds on the 1 1/2 inch wooden bar.

Recommended: great money-saver!

This amazing combo is available for $1226 which might look a bit expensive at a glance, but when you realize how universal it is, you understand that it’s actually worth every penny!


#9 Pro-Deluxe High Bar

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The Pro-Deluxe High Bar weighs almost sixty pounds. This free standing equipment is portable and the mat is not included.

The standard 1 1/2 inch wood bar and the Spinlock feature make it a snap to adjust the rails from thirty-five inches to fifty-eight inches in height.

The company added a cross support made of steel to give the rails greater stability. The equipment can endure the full swings, giants, handstands and other gymnastic maneuvers without the equipment buckling underneath them.

Pro-Deluxe High Bar retails for $388 and comes with a free shipping.


#10 Little Gym Deluxe Adjustable Horizontal Bar, Balance Beam and Mat Combo

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The Little Gym Deluxe comes equipped for practicing the floor exercises, balance beam routines and the basic and advanced bar skills in one complete package.

The bar has a 100-pound weight limit and extends to three to five feet in width. The rails can be adjusted from thirty-six to sixty-two inches high. There is a six-foot long landing mat and one eight foot long standard mat.

The eight-foot long balance beam is six inches high and four inches wide. The professional gymnasts will be able to use this equipment during and after they have finished winning competitions.

Recommended: huge money-saver!

Retail price of this combo is around $899 which is extremely low for such a great combo.


The equipment can be purchased on Amazon and some of these models come with free shipping. So how much is a gymnastics bar that is affordable, durable, and able to provide a lifetime of fun and enjoyment for money well spent?

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