Children customarily have boundless energy and enthusiasm. They enjoy various gymnastics activities; they love to run, flip, roll, jump, and swing.

Gymnastics helps children develop strong muscles, balance, agility, coordination, and stamina. They gain self-esteem, learn coping skills, respect for others and themselves. It is advantageous, to have cheap gymnastics equipment available at home.

Children can expand their physical prowess; explore their athletic potential and interest. This opportunity nourishes children’s’ physical and mental well-being, in a safe, supportive environment. Some benefits are inherent, while others are quite unexpected.



#1 Expenses Are Significantly Curtailed

You made a cost-effective decision, by financing gymnastics training, with cheap gymnastics bars for home use. You provided this equipment at substantial savings.

You economized on gymnastics equipment, without incurring  the costly services of a professional coach, or joining a gymnastics club. You have no traveling expenses, which may include gas, meals, lodging, and airline tickets. The cost of specific gymnastics equipment is substantially less.

You did not sacrifice the safety of your child, by providing economical equipment at home. Gymnastics equipment manufacturers, who have knowledge and experience, incorporate stringent quality and safety standards into every item.


#2 Time Is Used More Efficiently and Effectively

When adjustable uneven bars, adjustable parallel bars, or an adjustable horizontal bar is available at home, they become conveniently accessible anytime.

You and your child focus more time and effort on gymnastics training, rather than traveling to a gymnastics club or coach’s studio. Your child has the advantage of being able to practice and train any day or time. Practice is initiated by the gymnast, which is an undeniable value.

Time revolves around your family’s schedule, not the coach’s schedule, or the club’s hours. This situation creates a harmonious balance of time, without sacrificing or compromising other activities.

When training equipment is in your home, you can easily adjust practice times to match the energy and interest levels of your child, on specific occasions.


5 Benefits of Cheap Gymnastics Bars for Home Use

#3 Stress Is Reduced

Stress levels do not escalate, fluctuate, or become overwhelming, because there is no pressure associated with success or failure. Gymnastics training is simply fun.

You can teach, guide, and observe your child, as he or she learns and practices gymnastics skills. In this relaxed, environment, you and your child can explore his or her interest in pursuing this sport, with no external pressure.


#4 Lifestyle Changes Are Gradual

You and your family can use this opportunity to gradually transition to the more rigorous lifestyle of competitive gymnastics. Gymnastics is a casual activity, for now.

If your child’s interest and skills steadily develop, and your family is willing to support his or her gymnastics aspirations, you have the opportunity to make important decisions.

You can prepare for these upcoming changes. Because you purchased cheap gymnastics bars for your home use, your child has the means of learning gymnastics’ skills, at his or her pace.

Your family will not be thrust into an immediate commitment of time, effort, and dedication required by competitive gymnasts. You have this opportunity to help your child develop critical skills.


#5 Family Relationships Are Strengthened

Because of your decision, economical gymnastics bars were accessible at home, your family was able to spend quality time together, which reinforced family bonds; this had a positive affect on communication, trust, and understanding.


Gymnastics Equipment

Nimble Sports provides the highest quality gymnastics equipment, at the best value, with the most diverse selection. This company grew from one parent’s desire to support his child’s dream of becoming a gymnast.

He could not afford to buy her a balance beam; he carefully designed and built a handmade balance beam, of the highest quality. Nimble Sports continues to ascribe to the premise of “affordable quality.”

Today they continue making cheap gymnastics bars both for home and professional use. This equipment is made with superior, handmade gymnastics equipment, like the 3 Play Double Horizontal Bars. It converts easily from a horizontal bar to adjustable uneven bars, to adjustable parallel bars.


5 Benefits of Cheap Gymnastics Bars for Home Use


It includes base extensions, rubber cups on the bottom frame, for greater traction, and an 8’ folding mat that complies to the foremost safety standards. This mat is made of sturdy 18-ounce vinyl, covered with long-lasting nylon. These materials are fire retardant.

You can purchase a variety of adjustable bars separately. Your child will not out-grow the equipment quickly; this adjustable feature conforms to their changing needs. Base extensions come in 4’ sections, which give your gymnastics bars increased stability.

Tumble Trak, a leading innovator of quality gymnastics equipment, makes an assortment of cheap gymnastics bars for home use.

  • Jr. Kip Bar (Kip is a skill a gymnast performs to get onto the bar)
  • Jr. Bar Pro
  • Floor Bar
  • Parallel Bars
  • Frame Bar (Practice bar skills, handstand skills, uprises and release moves)
  • 5-in-1 Bar System (Practice a variety of bar skills)
  • Forester Bar was created by gymnastics coach and currently on the National Coaching Staff (Practice backward rolls and casting skills)
  • Quick Flex Bar-in-a-bag (Gymnasts can repeat vital skills and routines, until they can proficiently perform variety of handstands routines, back uprises, and front giants)

Z-Athletic is a family owned and operated business. It began offering cheap gymnastics bars for home use, in 1993. The only thing cheap is the price. The construction and the materials are superior in quality. The sturdy frame enhances stability in every product.

The Jr. Bar Extension Kit harmonizes well with the Jr.Training Bar has an adjustable height from 36’-59’. Gymnasts, with Level 6 skills will benefit from basic to advanced skills practice. Outdoor Exercise Bar is strong, versatile, and durable.


To sum it up

When you provide your child with cheap gymnastics bars for home use, you give them the gift of opportunity. “As much time as you put into it, that’s what your achievements are going to be when you come out of it.” -Mary Lou

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