Does your kid want to practice gymnastics from an early age? Do you want to offer him the best gymnastics equipment to develop his skills and to prepare him for the future?

If yes, then consider offering a balance beam to your kid to improve his skills and to teach him the best gymnastic practice. This simple gymnastics equipment can help your kid to perform many challenging practices. It can prepare him for the future complexities as well. And the good thing is that the balance beam is easily accessible and anyone can make it.

If your kid is showing interest in the balance beam and you want to get one for him then consider buying it from any reliable sources or you can also make a balance beam on your own at your home if you know how.


What should you to know about how to make a balance beam for kids?

The process is not difficult. Any inexperienced person can make a horizontal bar for kids with little knowledge and effort. In this article, I will provide you step by step instructions on how to make a balance beam for kids and what are the required materials.

Go through the details to understand the entire process. If you want to buy one for your kids, I am here for your help as well. I will suggest you two balance beams that you can get on Amazon.

While making or buying a balance beam, consider four important factors, the height, age, fitness level, and your kid’s preference.

If your child likes short and light weight beam then consider making foam balance beam with the extra wide base for additional support

Otherwise, you can go with the wood balance beam. This is durable and offers more support.

Which materials are required?

You will need the following materials to make your balance beam:

  • Six 8-foot, 1 by six inch pine boards
  • Two galvanized angles
  • Wood glue
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Four 12 inches of two inch by four inch wood
  • Foam padding, such as the synthetic suede

How can I make it?

When you have all the materials, you can start making the balance beam. Follow the one by one step to make it easy and successful.

  1. Step one: Attach all the eight foot pieces of one by six inch pine together to make a larger surface that is fully attached to one another. By doing so, you will make a block of wood that is around eight foot long with 4.5 inches side. The 4.5 inch side will be the top side, where your kids will place his foot for practice. Apply the wood glue liberally between those boards and you can use clamps to make sure that the glue fastens naturally to the wood.
  2. Step Two: Now you can fix galvanized angle holders underneath of each end of your balance beam. The galvanized angels are the metal supports that are attached to the balance beam and allows you firmly fasten the legs of the beam into the wood without separating those angles from the woods. You can use the screwdriver and screws to close the holders through the wood block.
  3. Step Three: Now you can place the four 12 inches of two inch by four-inch wood in the hole of the galvanized angles. Use the screw holes that you will find on the galvanized angles to attach the legs of the bar onto the beam.
  4. Step Four: Attach the twenty four inch long two by one of four woods onto the base of the leg stands to offer more stability to the legs and surface. You can use the screws to fix the braces onto the legs.
  5. Step Five: Cut the strips of the foam or any of the synthetic padding to fit the side and the top of the balance bar. Attach the strips with the wood glue to the top and sides of the bar and allow it to dry up. Now you are balance beam is ready for the use. Anyone can follow these simple instructions to make it for the kids.


  • Make the balance beam of your comfortable height for easy practice.
  • You can also use the additional synthetic suede pieces to prevent the beam scratching your floor.
  • While gluing the beams for the first time, make sure that you are applying the glue liberally. This is the strength of the horizontal bar. It needs to be strong enough to support your kid’s gymnastic activities.

If you are still finding it difficult to make it on your own then consider buying one for your kids

You will get wide options of the beam from the online marketing or other sources.

Choose the right one depending on the requirements of your kids. Follow the instructions carefully to know which one suits well for your kids. To help you more, I am introducing two Amazon products that can help your kids to practice on the horizontal bar easily and safely.

Here are some products which are worth taking into consideration:

Balance Beam – BB8-12 – Padded Suede 8 Foot Balance Beam (Tan) with 12″ Riser Legs

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This balance can ensure both the comfort and safety as it comes with a wood construction. Some of the key features of this kid balance beam are wood stabilizer feet, suede wrap covering, and steel risers.


Balance Beam by Children’s Factory

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This beam is specifically designed for the children between two to five years age group. It comes with extra wide base solidifies to offer safety and comfort to the young gymnast.

To sum it up

You need a proper balance beam for your kids to ensure that the practice will be safe and comfortable. It does not matter you are making the balance beam on your own or buying it, the important thing is that how much comfortable it is and how it can help to improve the gymnastic performances of your kid. We hope that you find our 5 steps on how to make a balance beam for kids useful.

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