A gymnastics balance beam for home use is arguably the most affordable, applicable and best piece of a home gymnastics equipment that you can buy for yourself. Thinking about investing in a new gymnastics beam?

If you do, then you must know the features that you will look for when buying the best in the market today. Here is a complete guide when buying best balance beam for home use:

What are the Top Rated Balance Beam for Home Use to Buy Today?

The following are the top 7 balance beam for home use:

The Beam Store of adjustable Height of 30-Inch and 8-Feet New Suede Balance Beam

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The balance beam has a cover of tactile purple and beautiful suede, which comes with a black oxide brace coated with steel. This definitely makes it durable when compared to other types selling in the market today for buyers.

It is among the best 8 inch full size balance beams selling on the market. It can maintain a 100 perfect of its structural integrity from its patented hinge stainless system that has an extra brace for its middle.

The balance beam is constructed from lightweight wood materials. It has detach-able legs with adjustable rubber end-caps. The top sides of these beams have 3/8 foam padding that is durable and curved sides. With the height, you can adjust it accordingly depending on the height that your strength can accommodate.


The Beam Pink Store Suede Gymnastics Balance Beam that is 8-Feet long

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The balance beam is made from wood-core. It is high profile balance beam used for practice and has a 12-inch width mainly for supports. The beam measures about 7 inches high and 8 feet long with a 4-inch as working surface. The heavy-grade synthetic suede has soft covering that provides feel and look of a perfect competition beam.

The competition-grade padded top comes with rounded stylish design on its shaped sides. When using it, you will have weight limit of 250 pounds. When buy it, you will find that it is durable when compared to other product options sold in the market.



Joom Beem Purple Folding Beam 8ft and 8-Feet Suede Balance Beam

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The real competition grade for composite wood-core with low profile and folding balance beam that are suitable for beginners who love to practice. This real balance beam has a cushioning on top – this same cushioning is used in all Joom Beem’s beams.

The balance Beam dims has 8-feet long and 3-inches high with another 4-inch work surface that makes it unique when you want a durable beam balance for home use. From its recessed flat hinges, you will avoid scratching floors with solid wood that allows for a 275 pound as your weight limit.

It has a robust and high-grade synthetic suede on its outer covering that offers look and feel of any competition beam.


Tumbl Trak Brianna Sued Balance Beam

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Tumbl Trak’s Brianna Balance Beam has studded and royal blue legs that makes it unique when compared to other models. Since they are constructed from wood with a 1/4 inch rubber cell padding right on top of its brown suede covering, you will get best quality that is more durable thus enabling you train with more fun.

The slide the beam has new legs for a safe and sturdy base with new Velcro connections. When using one, you need no tools for assembly. With this innovative connection system, you will get more than two Brianna Beams connected together to form one 16 inches long beam.


Z-Athletic Gymnastics Folding Low Beam Balance

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It is made from suede and sits 2 inches high, 9 inches long, 4 inches wide at its top, and 6 inches wide right at the bottom. It has a light weight that folds in half for an easy storage and handling.

The high-density firm has cross-linked polyethylene foam to give gymnasts that solid support thus enabling them to perform better. From its folding beam balance, it is covered with very high quality material of synthetic suede.

The suede material also makes it resistant to weather conditions when using it. It has a low profile that makes training easy since one can make his or her balance easily.


Wood Designs Balance Beam

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This Playtime balance beam is perfect for coordination development. It has a pre-assembled maple unit that has eased corners and edges for natural finish and safety. Its measurements are 8 inches by 72 inches by 3 inches for the Height, Width and Depth respectively.

It is made from UL Greenguard Gold certified that offers them more safety in many educational environments. All of them are made here in the US.

It has a wood-core with low profile balance beam for easy practice. From its heavy-grade synthetic suede that covers it, you will get a perfect look and feel when using it. It has a new padded top design that differentiates it from other types.


The Beam Store Suede 8-Feet Gymnastics Balance Beam


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This wood-core beam balance has a low profile for practice with a 12-inch wide supports that makes it easy and fun when using. You will have the best quality especially from the durable materials used when making it.

The beam measures 7 inches high and 8 feet long with another 4 inch as work surface for those who love competition. You will definitely enjoy it when planning to exercise at that high level.

With its heavy-grade covering of synthetic suede, it will provide you a look and feel of any competition beam. It has 1/4 inch cross Link PE of Foam Padding (you can use these padding on the competition Beams) with a rounded side shapes.

When using it, you will get a 250lb as its weight limit. Most homeowners who have bought it love it because of the high durability.

To sum it up

With the above review of the best balance beams for home use, everyone who want to improve their health will be able to understand the brands and features to look for when buying one either online or offline.

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