Gymnastics today is quite popular in the sports world, as it focuses on training people to enhance their sense of balance, increase their body strength and help them to maintain a fit and healthy posture.

Depending on where you prefer to train you might set up a training place at home using some cheap gymnastics equipment or check out numerous gymnastics clubs where you can pay a certain membership fee to access different equipment that you can use to work on your moves and build up your body.

This sport is so effective in providing positive health results, that a huge industry has opened up and grown around it over the years

Why having a gymnastic set up at home is helpful?

Gymnastic clubs work out best if you attend their classes regularly and work hard to keep up your daily regimen. A lot of people lose their focus mid-way because they find it too cumbersome to travel to a Gymnastics club that is a bit far away from home.

While a lot of gymnastic enthusiasts sign up at a Gymnastic club that is closer to a place they live, often work commitments get in the way and they do not have enough time to attend classes. This is why home gymnastics equipment have become very popular.

If your Gymnastic club is quite far away fro your home, you can go there on some days of the week to learn and practice new moves, while focusing on your regimen at home for the rest of the days.

What are the different types of gymnastics equipment for home you can find for cheap?

If you are just starting out with gymnastic classes, chances are high that you would not know much about the varying features of several different equipment. No doubt, it will be tough for you to realize which equipment will help you with your practice.

If you are attending a gymnastic club, it is better if you ask for a personal trainer who can help you to buy cheap equipment for home. Here is a list of some tools that you will definitely need to start your practice:

Balance Beams

This is one of the basic equipment that you will need to practice your balance. The balance beams that you can get for your home workouts are of three variations: low beams, semi-high beams, and folding beams. Buy a beam that is lying flat on the floor as this will give you more stability.

Traditionally the length of a balance beam is 16 feet, which might be a challenge to fit into your home. Lucky for you, several gym stores sell beams that are much shorter in length.

Folding beams are good to buy since you can disassemble them after your practice and keep it in your storage area without a problem. You can find a lot of used balance beams on eBay for about $70.

What are the dimensions of a gymnastics balance beam?
Professional Balance Beam

Training bars

Training bars meant for home use are not meant for complicated routines. With these bars, you can do your basic training moves only. Make sure that you check the weight of the bars. While some weigh 100 lbs, others weight 140 lbs.

If your training bars come without any floor anchors, make sure that you busy some leg extensions so that you get more stability during practice. Good training bars will usually cost you between $200- $800, but it is worth the buy because they are quite safe to use.

Gymnastic mats

Mats are extremely important as they keep you safe and cushion your falls. Mats can cost anywhere between $100-$800. The cheap mats are also of good quality, but remember to buy 4-6 inches deep mats if you are mostly using junior training bar. For low beam balance training, you can buy a mat that is of 2-4 inches in depth.

Other gymnastic accessories

There are other types of cheap equipment that you can buy as well, like:

  • Fitness ball to increase your core strength
  • Sliders for several drills and conditioning exercises
  • Hand glove weights
  • Pull-up bars and
  • Exercise bands

All of these will help you to practice different moves within the comforts of your own home.

Where can you buy home gymnastics equipment for cheap?

Several sports outlets and fitness & exercise stores sell different types of gymnastics equipment that you can use at home. It is also not quite uncommon to find such cheap equipment at garage sales as well. A lot of people may not have enough time to use their equipment so they give them away at a low price to free up more space at home.

Dick Sporting’s Goods is quite well known for providing different types of gymnastic equipment at a great price. Even Tumbl Trak is quite popular. There are numerous brands which sell high-quality equipment at affordable prices, so you will not have much problem looking for basic tools that you can use for home practice.

What can you find on Amazon?

Whether you are a senior Gymnast or a beginner, you can use online resources as well to look for inexpensive equipment for workouts at home. There are quite a few cheap yet top quality models that you can find on Amazon stores. Most of these items are manufactured by well-known brands and sold by top sellers, so you will gain quite a lot without taking few risks.

Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam

* Read what customers say about this beam *

This is a best seller product. The sectional beams connect together easily and permanently with Velcro fastener. Its width is 4 inches and is quite perfect for easy storage.


Sunny Health and Fitness Tri-Fold Exercise Mat

* Read what customers say about this mat *

This is perfect for all professionals and beginners alike, as it is quite cheap and yet well made and structured. It is sewn on the handles- this will make it easier to carry. It can be tri-folded, which means that it will occupy very little space in your house.


Gymnastic Rings with straps for Cross Fit Training

* Read what customers say about these gym rings *

These rings are made of solid wood that is meant for heavy duty use. Its inside diameter is 6.75 inches and has the capacity to hold 6000 lbs of weight.


Is used equipment worth buying?

Often, it is better to go for branded gymnastics equipment because they offer a lot of features which can help in your workout.

However, these companies are quite popular and they charge a high amount of money which is difficult for all gymnastic enthusiasts to pay

In such a case, buying used branded equipment for home workouts is a really good option.

A lot of people sell their old equipment on eBay and even Alibaba. These sites are quite popular and trustworthy, but make sure that you do your research before buying:

  • If you have spent a lot of time working on your training sessions, you should have an idea on what features should different equipment have. While buying old equipment, always test the products personally to make sure that they are not starting to show signs of wear and tear. If this is the case, do not buy the used equipment as it will probably cause accidents and you will not get anything that is your money’s worth.
  • Do not buy any beam balance that is raised from the floor. You should invest in beams that are lying flat on the floor, for more stability.
  • Try to search for used training bars which have floor anchors on them.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate gymnastics enthusiast, you can use cheap and inexpensive gymnastics equipment at your home to perfect your moves and tone your body so as to increase its core strength.

Always make sure that you do your research and talk to gymnastic trainers about certain models and tools that you want to buy. This will help you to make safe investments.

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