Buying used gym equipment on a sale can be an amazing way to design your own home gym on a limited budget and reap the benefits of working out from the comfort of your home.

Whether you are just entering this world and you are curious to find out what cheap used gym equipment you can find, or you are well versed and you’ve gone several years to a local gym, but decided to start working out from the comfort of your home, read on to discover a few ways on how to buy cheap used gym equipment.

Because of the growing rate at which fitness centers are continually investing in equipment in order to retain their members and attract new ones, it becomes easier for homeowners to find used gym equipment for sale

As a result, savvy shoppers can find a wide selection of used gym machines that still work very well and could be used for years. The secret to capitalizing on these machines is to know where to find them and to be ready to ask the right questions before making a purchase.

Cheap Used Gym Equipment for Sale

Understanding the Basics

Because there is no specific terminology and industry standards, it might be hard to understand the difference between “pre-owned”, “refurbished”, “reconditioned”, “remanufactured” or similar terms.

Before making a final purchase, it is a good idea to talk to a sales rep or contact the support team of a large online store and kindly tell them to explain to you the differences between these terms.

Generally speaking, there are two types of fitness machines: commercial and residential grade

While residential grade fitness equipment is specially designed for end consumers and offer more features, commercial grade equipment is designed to last long in time and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use much better than its counterpart.


Features that Determine the Price

There are several features of used equipment that determine the final price. Here are some of them:

  • Brand: even though you are buying used equipment, brand items will be more expensive than items made by no-brands. Equipment from brands like Body Iron, Body Sculpture, Precor, Life Fitness, Star Trac, Cybex International, Vision Fitness or Spirit Fitness manufacture high-quality products that last much longer in time. When buying cheap used gym equipment, it is wise to consider investing in a quality brand. Buying a cheap brand treadmill, heart rate monitor or other fitness equipment might result in an unsatisfactory experience.
  • Safety features: another aspect that determines the price of used fitness equipment is the safety features. This might mean that the item has emergency shut-off switches, the secured plastic parts have no cracks and the dumbbells are not rusty. Bicycles should also pedal quite smoothly and should stop with ease. Make sure that the equipment you want to buy is easy to use and that it is safe to use.
  • Excessive wear: always look for excessive wear before buying cheap used gym equipment. While some commercial fitness centers change their fitness equipment every couple of years, others choose to keep it for more than a decade. If you find equipment with excessive wear, rust, cracks or any other defects, it is probably not a good buy.
  • Warranty: and ultimately, one of the most important features that determine the price of cheap used gym equipment for sale is the warranty. While most used fitness equipment will no longer be under warranty, high-end items might still have some months or years of warranty left. Items under warranty are usually more expensive than the rest, but you could still get a good price for equipment under warranty if you find a great seller.

Cheap Used Gym Equipment for Sale

Other Things to Look for

Here are a few other aspects to take into consideration when looking to buy used equipment:

  • Have a budget in mind: it is always a wise decision to have a budget in mind when looking to buy used fitness equipment. This makes it easier for you to decide upon the right model of equipment you want to choose.
  • Know what you want: it is also good to know in advanced what you actually want to buy. Do you need an exercise bike or an elliptical? Do you want to run on a treadmill? Do you want to work out using dumbbells? You might also want to consider investing in a bench, pull up bar, kettlebell, barbell, rings or medicine ball.


Where to Buy Cheap Used Gym Equipment?

Shopping for used gym equipment could prove to be quite a daunting task. For starters, you could go on Craig’s list and other local classifieds. Try to google for “gym auctions” and find out if there is an auction taking place near your home.

You could also find great equipment at a flea market or at your local thrift store. To get the best offers, you can contact local gyms in the area and ask if they are going to replace their fitness equipment soon. Even though they did it a while ago, they might have some items left.


Buying on Amazon

There are tons of cheap second-hand equipment for sale on Amazon. Just enter “used gym equipment” on Amazon search and you will be able to find a lot of great items. For instance, on the first page of the search you will notice the Welso Cadence G 5.9. You can buy 29 new products and 1 used.

Similarly, shop for other used products on Amazon until you find a deal that you like.

To sum it up

Now that you are officially knowledgeable in buying used gym equipment for sale, you can choose the right fitness equipment to make your training experience as good as possible.

Some other places to find cheap used fitness equipment to use at home recommended by Gymnasticslab:

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