A compiltaiton of difficult skills on the uneven bars! This routine has a 9.6 D score!

The Routine:
–MOUNT: Arabian thing, cast to handstand (E)

–Stalder with 1.5 pirouette (E) + Straddled jaeger ½ (E) + Straddled Jaeger (D) +.3 CONNECTION

–Cast handstand(B) + Back giant to DBL turn(D) + back giant with full turn(C) + Blind Change(B) + Ono(E) + Markelov(D) + Gienger(D) +.6 CONNECTION

–Cast Handstand (B) + Toe-On Marinich (F) + Uprise, Clear hip 1/1(D) +Chusovitina pirouette(D)+Hindorf (E)+Piked Tkachev (E) +.5 CONNECTION

–Cast(A)+Tweddle(F)+Ezhova(D) +.2 CONNECTION

–Khorkina(E)+backward giant(B)+Def (G)+ Strong (E) +.4 CONNECTION

–Cast Handstand(B)+Stalder shoot to high bar(C)+Cast(B)

–Shushunova (G)

–giant + giant + Double double dismount (G) +.3 CONNECTION

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