From the simple wooden beam, today’s beam has undergone a lot of changes and as a result different varieties have come up too. “How much is a gymnastics beam?” this is a pertinent question when you have an undying passion for gymnastics.

In this article you shall be educated on the aspects of the beam that play into its price tag and anything else you need to know before you make a decision on the kind of beam you find suitable.

Beams of different kinds vary in price due to certain features, for instance, a folding beam would typically go for more than a regular beam. Other factors that also influence the price include; the kind of padding, and whether the beam is brand new or second hand.

Gymnastics beams made of a wooden core also have a higher price tag than foam beams

Notice that wooden core beams are usually not used to introduce beginners to the sport.

Getting yourself a good beam should not be a very costly affair. There is something for as little as $12. As you advance further, the price starts to soar significantly as you look for something more suitable for a professional. The most competent pieces of equipment lay in the price range of $100-180.

Folding balance beams for home use

Z-Athletic Tan Gymnastics Folding Training Low Beam

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It is the kind of beam to use in home or school training. This one ideal if you want to put in some training for forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, dance jumps and so many others. The beam is best used on carpeted surfaces. It is 9 feet long, 2 inches tall with a 4 inch wide top and 6 inch wide bottom.


Joom Beem folding beam

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This design, unlike others of its kind, comes with recessed flat hinges which protect your floor. It also has a wooden core with top-of-the-line cushioning that gives it the professional feel. It is 8 feet long with a 4 inch work surface and a height of 3 inches.

It folds so you can store it anywhere and set it up fast. The outer covering is made of high quality suede which plays a big role in giving it the same feel as competition grade beams.

The Beam Store Folding Balance Beam

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The beam is made with a 4 inch working surface and a 6 inch bottom. It is 8 feet long and folds by half the length. It also has hide-away hinges that protect the floor when you set it up.

The core is wooden and the upper part is made of synthetic suede.

Foam balance beams for home use

Economy foam balance beam

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It’s an alternative from the wooden balance beams that are bound to have a bigger price tag. It has a 6 inch working space and is 54 inches long and there also is the option when you want to buy a second hand beam.


DOTT foam balance beam

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The beam is made from strong foam and has a non slip surface. It’s the perfect place to start your balance practice and can be used for the kids before they advance to taller beams.

It is 6 inches wide, 3 inches tall and 55 inches long.

HART foam balance beam

It has a super soft feel that is just the thing for kids. It can be used wide or narrow side up as the kids improve on their skills. You can combine a few beams together to achieve the kind of formation you want. The dimensions are 95cm x 6cm x 11/19cm.

Low balance beams

Tumbl Trak Sectional Floor Balance Beam

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It connects very easily thanks to the Velcro fastener on the sides. It has a 4 inch wide working surface with an 8 inch bottom and is 4 feet long. The suede surface resembles that of the competition beam so you know what to expect as you polish your moves on it.

Powerfly Gymnastics Balance Beam

It is made of heavy grade suede for the top and a wooden core. It has foam padding underneath the suede top and is ideal for pre-competition training or just some fun fitness exercises. It is designed for gymnasts who are still in beginners as well as kids.

There is a choice between the 7 and 8 foot long beams. Both have a 4 inch working space tapering to a 6 inch bottom.


The Beam Store 8-feet Gymnastics Balance Beam

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This one has 12 inch wide supports and is made of a laminated wooden core. It is 8 feet long and 7 inches high. The work surface is 4 inches wide. There work surface is covered by high quality synthetic suede that mimics competition grade suede. The sides are rounded which also enhances the competition feel.

For those who in the beginning of this article had the question ‘how much is a gymnastics beam?’ running through their mind, it is safe to say that by now you have an idea of what the price tags are.

When choosing the right beam for your exercise purposes, think about the space you have at your disposal. This may put a constraint on the length and height of the device you can buy. Another aspect you want to consider is the quality of beam.

More often than not, quality is dictated by purpose

If you want it for a little light training at home, a foam balance beam is the best option to go for.

This can also determine whether you need a brand new piece of equipment or a second hand one. The same goes for children. A foam beam is safer and much easier to handle, therefore the children can have fun without the risk of injury. Gymnasts who need to practice for competitions need not think about anything else but quality.

The best quality you can afford is probably what you should go for. There is always a real need to research a lot before hand so as to end up with the product you have always wanted.

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