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A routine is gymnastics is just a bunch of skills put together in a fluent motion and the ultimate outcome is a 10 to 20 second routine of skills. On bars, there are many skills you can do, but by USAG standards, United States Gymnastics Corporation, the level five, level six routines are your standard gymnastics routines on bar. You have a kip. You have a front hip circle. You have a cats back hip circle. A squat on, which leads you jumping to the high bar, and some basic swinging on the bar.

After these routines are done, the student has more of an option to make up her own routine, which involves handstands on the bar, swinging around the bar, which is known as a giant. Flipping off the bar, which is known as a fly away. You can also do pirouetting skills where you’re in a handstand and you turn around on the bar. As these skills get harder and harder, obviously the level, you go up high and higher. But again, these are still all basic skills which ultimately lead to higher level gymnastics.

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