If you’re interested in purchasing gymnastics equipment the first thing you’re going to need above all else is are gym mats. All beginning gymnasts start with training on mats first.

Practicing handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, and transitioning from one into another build muscle strength required for moving on to other things in gymnastics such as the vault or the trampoline. It could be smart to find used gym mats for sale as they are cheaper comparing to new ones.

There are several different types of mats used in gymnastics training.

Some mats are specialized for acrobatics, sting mats, prep mats, and others are used for competition landings while others still are designed for simply practicing training routines

Below is a breakdown of each mat and why every gymnast needs it.

Types of Used Gymnastic Mats

Before you go on a sale to buy gym mats, you have to first know the different types of mats and why they’re essential for any aspiring gymnast to have.

  • Acrobatic Mats – A small mat, usually around 2′ x 2′ size that is used for acrobatic movements.
  • Sting Mats – Used for landings, the foam inside is removable for easy cleaning of the cover.
  • Prep Mats – Non-slip mats that can be placed around equipment to cushion landings.
  • Competition Landing MatsMany different mats fall under this category. There are landing mats designed for use with the parallel bars, junior landing mats, anti-skid mats, and duo-fold landing mats that are used after the completion of a gymnast’s routine.
  • Training Mats – Within this category there are dismount mats, hurdle helpers, skill cushion mats, resi-pit mats, and training pit mats. All have different uses to further the skills of the gymnast.

Used Gym Flooring for Sale

There are many different companies that offer used gym mats at reduced prices, many of them can be found online simply by typing in what you looking for in the search box (or something similar).

Depending on whether the mats are used for practice at a place of business or for home use will determine the cost and what mats will be required for training exercises.

9 Facts About Cheap Used Gym Mats for Sale

Tumbling Mats for Cheap

If you’re searching for used gym mats it’s good to be able to distinguish tumbling mats and mats that are used for gymnastics. They are not the same thing.

Tumbling mats are used primarily for acrobatic moves performed in a series down a long distance

Gymnastics mats are used more for artistic use with vaults, parallel bars, high bar, rings, etc. Both of these mats have different dimensions suited for the uses they were intended for.

Home Use

Tumbling mats and gymnastic mats can be used interchangeably when utilized purely for home use. A large number of companies do sell gym mats that are paneled that are “tumbling mats” designed for recreational use.

Since these mats are paneled they are easily folded for proper storage. The measurements vary depending on the mat’s design but usually measure about 1″ to 2″ thick. The inside of each mat is filled with a dense foam pad or cushion that won’t compress (or compresses very little) when pressure is applied to it.

Choosing Used Mats

When shopping for used gym mats for sale cheap you’ll want to study it well before making a decision to purchase it for your home or not. The first thing you’ll want to consider is thickness.

If the mat is too thin the gymnast you’re purchasing for won’t have proper cushion when practicing his or her routine and may lead to injury. The standard thickness of any gym mat is 1 3/8″.

A used gym mat must also have proper dimensions for what it will be used for. You can’t use any old mat for a landing mat just as you can’t very well perform a tumbling routine on an acrobatic mat. There won’t be enough room to practice and the result will be injury.

When you’re deciding on which mat to choose from, you may want to settle on the more popular mat types. The most popular ones are listed and broken down below:

Paneled Mats

The most highly praised mat type for home use because they fold easily and can be stored virtually anywhere within the home. The most widely used size is the 4’x8 and has Velcro at the ends to allow the connection of more paneled mats.

If the gymnast is looking to perform a series of moves together, such as for a tumbling routine, you’ll want to purchase a longer mat (also known as an extra length mat) or several normal mats and attach them together to achieve the desired length.

9 Facts About Cheap Used Gym Mats for Sale

Cartwheel Beam Mats

Ideal for beginner or a younger gymnast that has hand and feet placements on the mat to properly train the gymnast in how to do a cartwheel the right way. To practice with the beam option just flip the mat over.

The beam option allows the gymnast to perform the same moves as if they were on a balance beam but without the risk of serious injury

Flexi-Roll Mats

This is one of the most in demand among cheap used gym mats because it offers the gymnast the chance to practice on something similar to a competition floor and usually could be bought really cheap on sale. It is carpeted and easy to roll up and place in storage.

Incline Mats

Designed for beginning gymnasts, an incline mat is best used for practicing forward and backward rolls. If the gymnast is more advanced, you can purchase longer incline mats.

To sum it up

All of the above products are a perfect choice when purchasing used gym mats, especially if they’re on sale and could be bought raletively cheap. You can easily save money and provide reliable equipment to your gymnast at an affordable price.

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